Outsourcing The Arts

It was clear I had to get help with new art - so I found a freelancer that was both highly-rated and interested in my project. They had a large portfolio that really hit the mark for me. I must have browsed a hundred portfolios, and contacted maybe a dozen. When looking at portfolios I tried to optimize for style, polish, and indie-sized game experience. 

The process is more expensive and involved than buying ready-made art. Everyday for two weeks, I'd get to review versions, answer questions, and choose directions. Working with professionals means I have to up my work level too - so I picked a month when I wasn't already super busy.

The HTML version is set to low resolution to benefit download and gameplay - of course I've got ginormous layered psd files too, which is something you don't always get.

I've outsourced other work, like writing, with various levels of success. If I had the ability to review a hundred writing portfolios, I'd probably better hit my goals. My advice is that when you find people who really deliver, remember them for the next project. =)

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So, how does somebody get in touch with you if they want to be considered as a writer on your next project?

I'm @tuzen =)

You've got a new follower in @WallabyPalmer.