BREAKING NEWS: Save Game maybe works.

What should I add next? =D

Development log


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that self destruct button's placement def makes me want to accidentally click it


I love the game so far, but what is supposed to happen with the "Buy Random Junk" option in the junk shop?

Thanks! This is an excellent question. Right now that button is lame. I guess it could go into inventory - that way we could take it someplace and re-sell it? Maybe we could buy a boat, completely fill it with junk, and trade it for something fancy? =) 

For the longest time, I thought it was some kind of lottery system -- pay X gold for a minor chance of a much larger gold payout (buying a piece of junk from a customer that turns out to be a rare artifact).

Yeah, a lottery would be simpler. I'd be fun to code a little slot-machine. =)